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Making "All " Customer's happy for 30 plus years !

Tip Top Service Company

Erik J. Schnitzler's Restaurant Exhaust " Tip Top Service" 

Hoods, Drain Jetting, Maintenance & Supplies

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Hello, I’m Erik Schnitzler "Tip Top Service Company”, we deliver what all customers need for the Restaurant exhaust system (hood).

• Tip Top Service Company saves you time and money by allowing us to do a professional and thorough degreasing of your kitchen hood, filters, fans, ducts, etc.

• We use biodegradable chemicals and a specially made high pressure hot water system. We will set you up on a regular service schedule dictated by your volume of business.

• Our system leaves your kitchen spotless after the job is finished – using special methods & state of the art machinery that has been developed and used for over 28 years in the field.

• We provide top quality cleaning services and should not be confused with cosmetic hand washing or interior powder cover-ups.

• We operate with certified and qualified crew members that undergo extensive training required by NFPA 96*

• Our service charge is very reasonable.

When it comes to the success of your business, you know that quality is always the best method.
Call us today and get free estimate and free inspection…
Get rid of the dirtiest jobs and fire hazards in your restaurant forever!

Call Erik (sales) 530-638-0235
 Visit us today, so we can come visit with you and your restaurants needs.

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